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In javascript (and some other languages for that matter) non-boolean values can behave as booleans under certain circumstances. This is often referred to as “truthy” or “falsy,” that is, it’s like a boolean true or false, but technically isn’t exactly the same, so it’s “kind of true” and “kind of false.” What am I talking about?

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JS Optimisation #3 – If Statement

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This tip points out a shorthand way of implementing a simple if statement.

Sometimes all you want is a simple “if this, then do that” one-liner statement, but you end up using three lines of code when really it can be a lot more straightforward.

The ternary if else statement is a great shorthand for writing a simple if else on one line without it confusing other developers who read your code. But what if you don’t want the else part?

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JS Optimisation #2 – Assignment/Test Combo

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This tip considers a cheeky shorthand to assign and test simultaneously within an if statement.

Okay, so this one’s controversial. Take this code:

if (myVar = document.getElementById("myNode")) {

You’d be forgiven for thinking there was a typo (= instead of ==), and rightly so. But this is actually a cheeky shorthand for assigning a value and testing it at the same time.

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